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Now we have a new technology for rubber moulding, CAPILLARY MULTI-INJECTION!



During this year we have enforced and tweaked a new method, obtaining a remarkable improvement of production, but especially of quality.

How does it work

Practically it deals with the material injection directly into cavities, to fill through controlled nozzles, obtaining a length in the channels equal to zero, instead of long channels needed to bring the material to destination in the various mould figures.








Less scrap

The absence of traditional injection channels reduces the scrap for any print out.







Higher production speed       

It’s not necessary to wait that the material goes to long channels to reach the further cavities: It’s possible to use faster materials in vulcanization because it doesn’t exist the risk to begin the vulcanization reaction during the injection phase.






Bigger quality

In classical injection the figures closer to central injection point are reached immediately by the material and start the vulcanization, while those further away are reached just after several seconds.

As shown from the blue colour in the image (above) it’s evident that nearer cavities are unduly vulcanized to obtain a correct and sufficient vulcanization of those further away.

This causes a collapse of mechanical and physical properties and, even worse, a quality difference between pieces of the same batch.


Increased production yield

Smaller moulds with a consequent increase in the number of figures and a relative increase in pieces every print out.


Smaller  defectiveness

Through direct multi-injection as above the long channels Injection are eliminated.





This system leads to a higher quality at lower costs, what can you ask more?

From now we’ll achieve all new moulds for high production, with this technology!


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