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 In the hydraulic pumps sector, Barbieri specialises in the design and manufacture of rubber membranes.
The mixes tested in the field and in the laboratory during the company’s 45 years activity in this sector mean that it is now possible to achieve excellent seal results even at high pressures, and prevent seepage even without the aid of additional rigid components. Barbieri’s patented technology allows “flash-free” moulding, which means a considerable improvement in seal-in rubber components working inside hydraulic pumps.
Constant contact with hydraulic fluid obviously requires the use of NBR-based mixes, but high pressures combined with relatively high temperatures, possible friction and the need to maintain a perfect seal often make it necessary to turn towards much more high-performance mixes or mixes that are designed and tested specifically for the pump in question.
High temperatures and the forces at work internally in the rubber seal or membrane result in an exponential reduction in the pump’s average working life. From this point of view, designing with the co-operation of the customer’s technical department is of fundamental importance, and it is frequently possible to reduce breaking points and the forces at work inside the material considerably, whilst maintaining the same results in terms of pump seal and operation.
Lobe, gear, blade, screw and piston pumps all require particular care when designing and moulding rubber components, as the mechanical stresses, temperatures and reliability required to produce a quality pump make it necessary to create oil seals using dedicated materials and with dedicated shapes. The compression set is also a characteristic that must not be underestimated, as in the case of a rubber pump body or when carrying out maintenance on the seals it is essential that the geometry returns to its original dimensions even if it is twisted or bent and subject to a number of changes in temperature.



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