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Design and manufacture of seals for hydraulic cylinders without doubt requires particular care, given the extremely high pressures involved and the continuous friction with metal components in the cylinder. In order to increase the average life of the hydraulic cylinder considerably, no dust, small particles or other abrasive elements must be deposited on the cylinder shaft, as they might damage the chrome plating or cut into the rubber seal. Barbieri Rubber is a leader in the design and manufacture of bellows to protect hydraulic cylinders from all external agents.
The use of filters means that the bellows fitted on the cylinder can “breathe” whilst keeping the air inside it perfectly clean, so that the cylinder rod is always in contact with filtered air even in particularly dusty environments. Automatic cleaning of the filter as the piston closes is normally sufficient to keep it free from any blockages that would prevent normal operation. The mix used is obviously resistant to oil, but it is also resistant to ozone and other atmospheric agents. However, special mixes are necessary in the case of high temperatures, or when there is the need for a particularly long working life and high levels of reliability.



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