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BARBIERI RUBBER specialises in the design and manufacture of washers, seal gaskets, pump caps, female connector gaiters, sand shields, guide bearings and all the other rubber parts that are used in water distribution, pumping and treatment systems. Forty-five years experience in the hydraulic sector has enabled us to perfect various rubber mixes that are suitable for use in continual contact with water, but at the same time weatherproof, resistant to direct sunlight and to any fluids and small solids that might be diluted or suspended in the treated water.




Also, thanks to the high elastic module of the mixes perfected by BARBIERI GOMMA, imperfections in the metal parts or small movements of the parts themselves are compensated by the rubber component, thus ensuring that the pipelines or pump remain watertight.






Careful designing and laboratory testing makes it possible to achieve standards of quality that were unimaginable just a few years ago: by selecting the most suitable polymer base, formulating the mixes using tried and tested recipes, and designing the rubber components carefully it is possible to achieve a perfect seal and also ensure an average working life that is more than adequate even in geographical areas with extremely hot or cold climates, or in heavy-duty applications such as sea water or submerged pumps in which there are always solids in suspension that are hard to filter out.


In the submerged pumps sector, Barbieri specialises in the design and manufacture of separator membranes and separator caps for water, glycol and oil. Today, the mixes tested in the field and in the laboratory make it possible to obtain a cap that will support the weight of the column of oil or glycol without using the traditional spring and, at the same time, gives excellent results in terms of elasticity and therefore reliability and durability even at high pressures. When the profile of the rubber cap wall, its hardness and elasticity are adjusted in a suitable way, the cap will operate as required by the pump specifications.

Constant contact with water and the mechanical stress cycles caused by operation of the submerged pump require the use of specific mixes.



In the presence of high pressures combined with relatively high temperatures, any friction and the need to maintain a perfect seal often make it necessary to use much more high-performance mixes, or mixes that are designed and tested specifically for the pump in question.



High temperatures and the forces at work internally in the rubber or membrane result in an exponential reduction in the pump’s average working life. From this point of view, designing with the co-operation of the customer’s technical department is of fundamental importance, and it is frequently possible to reduce breaking points and the forces at work inside the material considerably, whilst maintaining the same results in terms of pump seal and operation.



Barbieri Rubber also manufactures female connector gaiters for pump electrical connectors. Obviously when using electrical connectors in completely submerged conditions a perfect seal is essential. Barbieri uses special dielectric mixes that provide perfect insulation even at high voltages. Leakage currents between the connector phases are negligible, even after accelerated working life tests of considerable duration.



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