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Barbieri follows the biggest European manufacturers of brake pincers for over 40 years, from studying to producing the boot for dust and the seal of the piston.

The materials studied for these articles have taken several years of study and testing and they are still improving and evolving.

The rubber is certified, it doesn’t’ suffer the attack of the brake fluid or brake oil and it keeps at the same time the characteristics of sealing and protection needed for the correct work of the brake pincer.
The deterioration of these rubber items is caused by the heat developed during braking and the contact with abrasive materials (dust, small debris) and chemically aggressive substances (gasoline and oil).
The average life of these items determines the average life of the brake pincer.
Through the study and the tests done on the rubber compound and on design of the brake pincer, we have reached durations unimaginable few years ago.
The same rubber parts fitted to vehicles used in particularly cold or hot climates enabled the proper work of the brake pincer for very high times.

The same compound is also used for the production of boots and seals for brake, installed in racing cars, where reached temperatures, especially for brake systems with carbon discs, can compromise the duration of the brake pincers.




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