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Rubber squared pads

Barbieri Rubber manufactures since 45 years items for car’ equipments such as Tyre changers and Lifts (Lifting equipment).
In particular for Tyre changers produces bead breaker supports and rubber-pistons mounted inside the cylinders
Rubber bead breaker supports are available in different shape and dimension and provide perfect protection during the bead breaking / disassembly’ operation.
For Lifting equipment is specialized in manufacturing of squared pads for four columns Lifts (four posts lifts) and rounded pads for two columns lifts (two posts lifts).
Squared Pads are available in a lot of heights depending of its applications.
The material used was subjected to various tests over the years by major Italian and International manufacturers, allowing Barbieri Rubber Snc to choose the best material for this kind of application.
The material utilized is SBR rubber with textile’ insert that guarantees much more impact and pressure resistance during the application.



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