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rubber ball floats

Ball floats 

rubber balls with metal insert

Balls with metal insert 

 rubber balls

The rubber balls are manufactured according to our customers’ requirements using materials that are resistant to the various applications for which they are used, for example in the submerged pumps sectors, in mixers and in the automotive sector, and in the hydraulic and pneumatic sector in general.


We also have balls made with certified rubber compounds WRAS, ACS, NSF.



Code Diameter
ESF04.75 0,21875
ESF006 6
ESF008 8
ESF12.7 12,7
ESF015 15
ESF020 20
ESF024 24
ESF027 27
ESF030 30
ESF036 36
ESF040 40
ESF045 45
ESF050 50
ESF055 55
ESF060 60
ESF070 70
ESF080 80
ESF090 90
ESF095 95
ESF100 100
ESF130 130
ESF145 145
ESF200 200
ESF260 260













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