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rubber balls with metal core

To satisfy the various needs of our customers, we have developed a series of balls with a metal core, with a specific weight much higher than normal rubber balls.   


Thanks to this technology it is possible to combine cores of different sizes and densities to give the specific weight required by the customer, while at the same time retaining a perfect balance in the rubber ball. There is a wide range of fields of application, for example the WINE sector, for which Barbieri Rubber produces balls with a Stainless Steel metal insert using FDA regulation food-quality mixes.



We also have certified compounds WRAS, ACS, NSF and food-grade.

Code Diameter
ESF30/22 30
ESF35/26 36
ESF40/30 40
ESF45/30 45
ESF50/40 50
ESF55/40 55
ESF60/43 60
ESF65/47 65
ESF70/52 70
ESF75/57 75
ESF80/60 80
ESF85/65 85
ESF90/70 90
ESF95/72 95
ESF100/80 100
ESF105/87 105
ESF110/87 110
ESF116/92 116
ESF120/94 120
ESF130/97 130
ESF190/160 190
ESF200/160 200
ESF260/220 260



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