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The rubber feet, also called rubber bumpers or shock absorbers are composed of a rubber part vulcanized directly to a metal part, usually consists of a disk and a screw attached to it.

rubber schock absorbers

The high quality of BARBIERIGOMMA's rubber shock absorbers come from 35 years of experience and improvements, moreover we propose very competitive prices because of the industrialization reached.

Since many years our rubber shock absorbers are used in high stress applications as air compressors and motor bike

 Our engineer Barbieri, son of the chair man, has achieved the engineer specialization on Reliability at the Cardiff University (UK) and is available to analyze and study for you and with yours technicians the application, this in order to find the correct parameters: Fp, K, D and h that will determine the right choice of the shock absorber.


 The adhesion rubber-metal comes from the standard shock absorbers production technology

The adhesion rubber-metal comes from the standard shock absorbers production technology, composed of two screws, male or female, between which is interposed a disk of elastomers material that can damp down the vibrations of one part over another.

The metal parts, suitably treated, are placed into the mould with the rubber; so there’s a co-moulding of both materials and an interface adhesion even greater than the resistance of the rubber part.


 rubber feet

The rubber feet are obviously used as a foot support, but also as anti-vibration buffer, to soften on impact of a mass in motion. In the first case they offer the advantages of adhesion to the surface and vibration damping that no other material can reach. In the case they are used as end stroke buffers, they offer excellent durability and flexibility.


The s
variuos materials can be used for the feet productiontandard material for the feet production is the rubber SBR, a material that combines excellent mechanical properties to those of duration. Production in other materials should be considered in cases in which the article is used in different conditions from normality, in terms of temperature and contact with aggressive substances.
Other materials: Silicone, VMQ, Neoprene, CR, Dutral, HNBR, Viton ®, FKM, etc...






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